We have been very fortunate to have gotten to talk to so many people dealing with cancer. Below are just some of the “Friends” we have made in this journey, and links to their pages or websites. Check them out – and if you want to be added to this page, contact us and let us know!

Meet My Friend Ann! 

Ann’s Her story will captivate you. She’s fighting Ovarian cancer and keeps going with faith in her heart and a smile on her face.

Hear her story on my podcast – and also CLICK to check out her TikTok page to be inspired and hear more about her ongoing battle.

Meet My Friend Tara! 

Tara is a Stage 4 Breast Cancer Thriver using both complementary allopathic and natural methods to heal cancer!

Hear her story on my podcast – and also check out here website and book “Grace, Grit & Gratitude” available now on Amazon.

You can also hear more of her story on:                         

Meet My Friend Lindsay! 

You probably have already seen her on Cray Gardens!
From her hilarious and also sincere tik tok videos, to her own line of naughty word bracelets on Etsy, Lindsay has helped so many! Myself included! Click to check out her products on Etsy or to find out more about Triple Negative Breast Cancer.